【FOR UK】 1500W Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter 1500W DC 12V to AC 240V

【Shipping from the UK】Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter 1500W DC 12V to AC 240V with Remote Controller LCD Display 2.4A USB Port 24-month Warranty
InputDC Voltage-12V
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Country & Output AC Voltage-UK 240V
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About this item

  • 【Pure Sine Inverter 1500W】 12V to 240V inverter rated 1500 watt, can handle the high start power of your loads up to 3000w. Comes with LCD Display, 2*240V AC outlets, dual 2.4A USB Ports and 15ft cable long Remote Controller
  • 【Real Multifunction】This 1500w power inverter comes with two 240V output sockets, perfectly suits all your appliances no larger than 1500w. And the dual USB ports, totally provide you 4.8A max. Smart phones, Laptop, Camera, iPad, TV, Tablets, Fridge, mini-microwave and etc. Especially for Camping, Energency, RV, Truck
  • 【LCD Display & Remote Control】Showing you the battery status, the pure sine wave, input voltage and output voltage. 15ft cable long remote controller will also show you the remaining power in the distance
  • 【Safety Protections】Isolated Input/Output design, Soft Start Tech, Over voltage, Overload, Over-Current, Under-Voltage, Overheating, Short-Circuit Protection, polarity reverse protection(fuse)
  • 【Strong and Durable】Aluminum alloy housing provides advanced protection from drops and bumps. Integrated cooling fan helps reduce heat and prevents shortages. 24-Month long warranty, covered Product Liability Insurance by AIG.
  • When you charge the 12V  Lifepo4 battery by the solar controller,please set the solar charger current less than 14V .
  • Specifications:

    • Power (2 AC Outlets): 1500W Rated, 3000W Peak • Max Efficiency 90% • THD ≤3%
    • With LCD display • USB Output: 2xDC 5V/2.4A(max) •Output Wave: Pure Sine Wave
    • Nominal input Voltage: 12VDC • Nominal output Voltage: 240VAC
    • Internal fuses: 30A*6
    • Battery cables: One pair with length of 2 ft
    • Remote controller: Remote controller with 15ft cable. More convenient to control the inverter ON/OFF

    More details and tips:

    • Recommended Battery Capacity: 400Ah
    • Connect the inverter to a 12V battery with the standard cables provided with product, and plug your AC devices into the inverter.
    • Please do not leave the power inverter in the ON position while your car is off.
    • Disconnect the positive battery terminal before doing any wiring to the inverter.
    • Do not put the inverter into sunlight directly, keep it in cool and dry environment.
    • Don’t use the inverter with a product that draws a higher wattage the inverter can provide, as this may cause damage to the inverter and product.

    Package List:

    • 1x 1500W Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter
    • 2x Battery Cables
    • 1x User Manual
    • 8x Shockproof pads
    • 1x Shockproof pads Manual

    Inverter Selection:

    1. Rated power consumption: One of the following is shown in the instruction manual of the device or the specification sheet of the product body.

    ○○W: The power consumption.

    ○○A: The amperage (A) value multiplied by 240V (voltage) is a reference value for power consumption.

    ○○VA: Only a reference value for power consumption (W).

    2. Maximum power consumption: Depends on the connected device. In the case of inductive loads, the maximum power consumption is 3 to 8 times the rated power dissipation, so power dissipation during startup or operation may exceed the rated output connected to the device.

    3. Even devices with the same rated power consumption may not be usable because the maximum power consumption varies by manufacturer and construction. Please contact the manufacturer of the device you are using for the maximum power consumption of the device.

    4. Make sure that the maximum power consumption of your device does not exceed the rating of this product.