Our Company

Giandel was established in 2012 and has been a leading power inverter brand for 10 years. We are a company that integrates innovation and quality into our products. Giandel strives to provide high-quality products in pure sine wave inverters and modified sine wave inverters. We have successfully implemented First Principle Thinking in our talented engineering team to ensure our product price is competitive in the market.
We currently offer our entire product line directly in Australia, Germany, and the United States to reduce the cost of multi-tier distribution and save every dollar for our customers.
Giandel is committed to consistently achieving high levels of customer satisfaction by prioritising quality and assisting customers on every possible occasion when using our products.
With customers’ recognition and positive feedback, Giandel is expanding and growing into a first-class company worldwide. We believe that in the near future, our high-quality inverter products will be popular in an increasing number of countries and regions.

Tech Support: Email: support@giandel.com.au