How to Ground a Inverter?

How to ground the inverter:
There is a terminal on the rear panel of the Giandel power inverter marked "Ground" or "".
This is used to connect the chassis of the power inverter to ground.
The ground terminal has been connected to the ground of the AC output socket through the internal connection wire. The ground terminal must be connected to the ground wire, which will vary according to the installation location of the inverter.

1、In some fixed available position

Connect the ground terminal to the earth

2、Indoor conditions

A.Connect to household metal water pipes, metal frames (doorframes, window frames) connected to the earth

B.Connect to the nails on the wall or ground which contact to the earth

C.Connect to the grounding system of the mains grid which is
connected to the ground wire of the socket (Note: this
connection must be operated by a professional electrician)

3、Outdoor conditions

Connect one end of earth wire to the inverter grounding terminal,the

other end to the nail and insert to the earth.

4、In a Vehicle,boat or ship

Connect to the chassis of vehicle or grounding system of boat、ship.

● To make sure the firmness of the connection. The ground wire must be 14AWG
( 2.08mm2 ) or even larger
● Do not operate the power inverter without connecting to ground. Electric shock
hazard may result.